Listen to new and old African music classics. Create custom playlists, search and download rare classics.
Home of the very best African music videos anywhere. This constantly growing collection includes Barbara Kanam, Dobet Gnahore, Tshala Muana, Faya Tess, SOMI, Mbilia Bel, Saida Karoli, Afrigo Band and many others.
Includes download links to the music of the artists showcased.
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The best of the very best African music classics with their preview and download links can be found here.
This collection includes the latest hits and the oldest ones. Tunes are added every week.

Select one or more genres and trigger the "Create music list" button for a list of artists. The artists albums and tunes can then be displayed using the adjacent "plus" sign to expand the list. Expanding the list will also show download and preview links.

Download links to commercially unavailable tunes will be provided from this site for a donation towards the effort for making them available.

Additional functions to be added are listed below in the order they will be added:

1. Save a custom play list for reuse.
2. Online store of out-of-print African music vinyl not available on CD.

There is the possibility of adding a classic African music stream; stay tuned.
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